40º 39' 07.21" N 119º 21' 13.59" W ■ ■ ■ 40.652003 -119.353775

Bruno's seems to be the center of town as the sign tells you.

Gerlach, Nevada is the little town on the southern edge of the Black Rock Dry Lake. It's somewhat central location makes it ideal to use as a base of operations for all trekking of the Black Rock Desert Area. It was founded in 1906 during the construction of the Feather River Route of the Western Pacific Railroad.

There is one motel and a few 'apartments' available. BRUNO'S COUNTRY CLUB AND CASINO is the center of town with a Restaurant and 'Saloon'. It is also the 'office' for the Motel. Bruno's Service Station is at the East end of town just as you arrive over the rail road tracks. Gas is expensive, service is even more.

With the demise of the town of Empire, when the Gypsum plant ended, the town of Gerlach suffered a major drop in residents. Services in Gerlach have remained nearly the same relying on tourists and outsiders for most of their income. Still the town with a dropped residency still manages to maintain a post office, motel, restaurant, gas station, radio station and four, count them four, bars.

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The US Post Office resides on East Sunset Blvd.
Bruno's has you covered with his Motel & Service Station.
Gerlach Senior Center
Gerlach Community Center

The town of Gerlach also has a modern day school building. although there are currently only about 6 kids attending K thru 12.

Adjacent to the Community Center is the Gerlach Volunteer Fire Department and a little down the road is the Gerlach medical Center which has a visiting doctor. Supposedly you have to make an appointment to be sick.

The town has a very nice community of people, mostly retired, who either live on retirement or small enterprises directly involved with the tourist who come between May and October. Mid October the town just about goes into hibernation until spring.

A nice sign of tranquility is the the Community Park located right on Main Street. It is a nice place to rest and several time during the summer community residents and visitors as well enjoy activities such as picnics and bake sales.

Gerlach has several other commercial ventures all of which seem to distribute liquor and good times

Bev's Miners Club is without a doubt the friendliest bar in town .
Joe's Bar caters to locals and Empire people - who are gone now.
Owned by Burning Man the Black Rock Bar is for Burners only.
While based in San Francisco Burning Man has an Office & Store in town.

Gerlach's has many venues of activity during their 'busy' season. Rocket people conduct Rocket Launches every month as well as TV crews filming commercials. Motor cycle clubs pass through and Hunters abound for various game, which the area is known for. The occasional movie crew may show up but the biggest business is the annual Burning Man event which scars both the valuable Black Rock Playa and the town itself. But throw some dollars in and all of their crap is irrelevant.

One good thing is a group called Friends of Black Rock and High Rock Canyon.  They have taken over the old Jalisco Club and are renovating the old bar into a respectable headquarters, store and information center.