Nevada AeroSpace Science Associates (NASSA) is dedicated to the support and promotion of Amateur & Experimental Rocketry activities. It is not affiliated with any other National Organization(s) promoting any type of rocketry anywhere.

From a small group of Nevada Rocketry People; NASSA has evolved into a close knit group of rocketry and science oriented people from around the country. NASSA Members are committed to to gather and participate at least once a year in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada for an Annual Meeting and Launch to pursue High Power and Experimental Research Rocketry activities.

NASSA was formed in the mid 90's by a group of Tripoli Vegas members interested in learning more about rocket motors. In the interest of rocketry science early Tripoli Vegas members Jerry McKinlay, Les Derkovitz, Tom Blazanin, Ron Denton and Dave Pacheco began a series of experiments to develop a better understanding of rocket motor operation and fabrication.

With very little knowledge, other than standard information obtained through library books, the group was soon hand mixing, firing and collecting experiment data in the development of a workable propellant formula. Trying to get answers to the deluge of questions that came up while learning motor technology they found very few people willing to share their knowledge. And what seemed the worst was that others even refused to share safety issues and concerns regarding motor making.

After two years of experimenting the group developed a very stable and workable red flame propellant formula. Fabricating techniques and safety procedure were evolved and the group soon had regular motor making and testing sessions. A heavy duty KitchenAid mixer was purchased and a vacuum device was fabricated. A wooden test stand offered crude data but enough to obtain numbers to plug into equations.

Several group projects were completed with much success, other than the largest Q motor venture which had major pad problems and brought a wealth of information to the group (that's what failures do!). Many NASSA motors have been built and successfully flown giving the group a very positive success rate.

Today NASSA has ten members across the country who share information, talent and self to each other. With just about all members versed in propellant mixing and vehicle fabrication.We maintain several mixing facilities, state of the art testing equipment on both East coast and West coast, metal fabrication on both coast, electronics equipment and software development capabilities. While it remains a closed membership, considerations are always open amongst friends who care to associate with us.

NEVADA AEROSPACE SCIENCE ASSOCIATES does NOT promote nor certify these activities as safe nor appropriate to all visitors to this WebSite. Information presented is for educational purposes only. NASSA is not responsible for viewer's activities, conduct or participation in the use and pursuit of content presented.

A machine that converts mechanical motion into energy such as a steam engine or an internal combustion engine.

Something that imparts motion such as an electric motor or a solid propellant rocket motor.