Photos from the past of many of the people who where there when it all started!

Curt Hughes with his beautifully detailed ACE ALLEGRO LARGO.

Mike Nelson, who published the first HIGH POWER ROCKETRY magazine in the 1980's, poses with one of his rockets at LDRS-2

Soon to be Tripoli Board Member, Bill Barber holds one
of his original designs.

Jim Dunlap with his upscale CENTURI ENERJET ATHENA kit with a five motor cluster at LDRS-6. Jim became very famous with his early large scale high power rockets

Doug Forrester from Canada with his ACE ALLEGRO LARGO
decorated with Canadian Maple Leafs.

Chris Pearson's METEOR 6 take skyward on 10-D12's.

John Phillips with his 12 clustered D12's. Note the "NUKE THE NAR" shirt which was very popular at LDRS-2

Chris Pearson's ENERJET 2250 takes off on three D12's

The infamous Roger Johnson, the actual guy who coined the term "Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships" (LDRS)
Here he stands at Smoke Creek, Nevada with an upscale ENERJET 2560 with three G motors. Note the "light the fuse and run" ignition system.

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