I have been building, flying and losing model rockets since around 1963. In 1971 I started a part-time job working for a paper tube company in Apple Creek, Ohio. At the time I had no idea that they were the leading manufacturer of tubing for both model rockets, and later, high power rockets.

In the late 90’s I met Ron and Debbie Schultz, who were the original owners of LOC/Precision. I’m sure I am like most model rocketeers who fly a high-power composite motor for the first time. It’s like WOW! This is great! I’m hooked!

I joined the NAR in 1999 and the Tri-City Skybusters here in Cleveland a short time later. Later I joined Tripoli and in 2013 the local TRA club, Northern Ohio TRA.

I’ve done instructional rocketry programs with many of our local 4-H members, The Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and the Royal Rangers.

My first LDRS was LDRS-23 in Geneseo, NY in July of 2004. I love the excitement after you get the OK from the RSO and walking out to the launch pads to fly your rocket!