The following Companies and/or People are legitimate sources for High-Power and Research Rocketry. More will be added with time. If you would care to network with us please contact Chris for details.


Advanced rocketry kits and components

Research Components & Chemicals

Surplus Rocket Supplies

A Leader in Onboard and Ground Support Electronics

Motor Testing & Data Aquisition Systems

Kits, Components, Software & Knowledge

The Original Benchmark Leader in High-Power Rocketry Motors

First With Hybrids and Still the Best

Mid and High Power Reloadables, As Well As Large Custom Motors, in a Wide Range of Colors

High Performance Hybrid Rocket Motors for the Avid High Power Rocketeer

Hardware and Accessories For Making Solid and Hybrid Rocket Motors

Optimun Rocket Motor Simulations

Easily design your models with CAD technology

Launch Photography


Source For All Sorts of Surplus Rocket Components and Things

Just About Any Piece of Hardware You'll Ever Need


Manufacturer Specs, Certified Performance Data and Other Info on Commercial Rocket Motors