The concept of Tripoli Gerlach was conceived by Tom Blazanin, Pennsylvania and Deb Koloms, New York. Both being avid Black Rock people the idea came about as a base group for the little HAMSTER DANCE Research Launch they developed.

With the possibility of other Research Launches the idea of a Prefecture based in Gerlach, Nevada took on the direction of being Tripoli Rocketry Association's only National Prefecture, having members from all over the USA, the UK, Argentina and Australia. With six initial organizing members, Tripoli Gerlach was established.

Recognized in January of 2011 by Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. as Prefecture #138, Tripoli Gerlach is strictly a Research Rocketry Prefecture and as stated, is working to become a National Prefecture by having members from all over the reach of Tripoli who have a mind set to launch Research Rockets at least once a year in the Black Rock Desert.

Tripoli Gerlach is now a unique Prefecture set in Gerlach Nevada. Only one member actually lives in Gerach. The rest of the membership resides across the country and overseas. We have 2 uncertified Tripoli Members, 13 level 2 members and 40 level three members (16 of which are TAP members).  We also have 7 National Life Time members, 10 current or past Board Members and 6 past National Presidents.  And we still have room for you !  

At the present time Tripoli Gerlach is, and always will be, a work in progress. As the membership grows the direction and future of the Prefecture will evolve. For now we appear to be a group of International Tripoli Members dedicated to Research Rocketry and the love of the Black Rock Desert.

It is the intent of Tripoli Gerlach to sponsor Research Launches in the Black Rock area of Nevada. The first being HAMSTER DANCE which was first held September 29th, 2011. Now going into its fifth year plans are aimed at continuing this small fun type Research Launch every September..

If you enjoy launching rockets at Black Rock, or consider the idea of launching at Black Rock, give Tripoli Gerlach a thought.