The First HAMSTER DANCE went off with its intended tongue-in-cheek atmosphere. Both participants and spectators thought the launch to be such a unique and humorous event they voted to do it again. So here we go again with HAMSTER DANCE 2.

HAMSTER DANCE is the brain fart of some Research Rocketry people who found a launch site near the Black Rock Dry Lake in the Black Rock Desert! Christened AREA 6⅞ due to its small size, this pristine little dry lake seemed perfect for small NAR type model rockets.

Since the NAR type Hamsters & Weenies (big people who fly little rockets that use "engines") would never trek out here; we (big people who fly big rockets that use motors) decided to hold an event to get them excited. Thus the HAMSTER DANCE WEENIEX LAUNCH, or HD (makes about as much sense as anything!)

HAMSTER DANCE is a Tripoli Sanctioned Research Launch and as such will operate under the Tripoli Research Safety Code. You must present proof of Tripoli Membership and Certification. You are required to fabricate the motor(s) you use. No second party motors permitted. See the RULES for complete details.

Pre-Registration is required and there is NO Registration on site. Pre-Registration closes September 10th, 2012. Registration forms must be received by that date and not post marked on that date. We leave a week early so no one will be home to get it!

HAMSTER DANCE 2 has been moved to yet another location in the Black Rock Desert to give everyone something to talk about. This years launch will be more fun than last year - without a doubt!

This is a having FUN launch but all activities will be serious, its a Research Launch. Do not abuse the lakebed, stay on the "road". Clean up your mess when you leave!