Try to stay on established "roads". It keeps from tracking up the playa and
you are less likely to end up in a mud hole.

40° 52' 59.73" N 119° 02' 04.73" W
These Coordinates are NOT the location of the LCO & Flight Line
The BALLS Crew Will Be On Site Wednesday To Set Up
Do Not Set Up Your Area Until After The Lines Have Been Set For The Event

This is NOT the same location AEROPAC sets up but it is the site of last year's BALLS 27.

Getting to BLACK ROCK is relatively easy. First you have to find Nevada! Find Rt80, it runs East & West near the top of the state. Then find Reno and look about 100 miles north and you've found the Black Rock Desert.

To aid you we've provided the following maps.

MAP 1: Overall view of various highway approaches to Fernley

MAP 2: Shows the Fernley area with possible points of interest

MAP 3: Leaving Fernley on Rt427 then onto Rt447 N.

MAP 4: The upper portion of Rt447 arriving into Gerlach.

Empire has the only store in the immediate area, so if you need "supplies" stop there. It is recommended you bring your own supplies in from home, or the Reno area, as it will be cheaper! The closest other towns to Gerlach is Wadsworth, about 77 miles away, and Fernley, a little further. Fallon, even a little further. Fernley now has a Walmart along with some other major retailers and fast food places. Reno, about 120 miles away has everything a human could want.

There is a Gas Station at the entrance to Gerlach and a mechanic is on duty most of the time. The Empire Store in Empire has a gas pump nearby, operated by the cashier in the store.

Check at Bruno's for information on how to get onto the Lake Bed. If you are new to Black Rock DO NOT make your own road!! AND, if you are new to Black Rock DO NOT drive out on the Playa at night by yourself.

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