VERY IMPORTANT TO VENDORS: All Vendors attending BALLS on the Black Rock Playa are required to have a BLM Permit to conduct money transactions on BLM property. This is obtained directly from the BLM in Winnemucca, Nevada by contacting Agent Mark Hall at: 775-623-1529 . At least 180 days ahead of time. This means do it now!  In addition, the BLM will claim 3% of your gross sales obtained on the Playa.

These are the Vendors who have let us know they will be in attendance at BALLS 28. We hope you will consider them for your source of supplies while at BALLS, before and after. If you are a vendor or manufacturer and wish to list the fact that you will be present at BALLS please notify the WebMaster for posting.

Dave & Tom of GRAPHIX & STUFF & THE TRIPOLI STORE will be on hand once again with Event T-Shirts, Tripoli Wear and a limited selection of line items oriented with a rocketry theme. Any special orders can be delivered on site. Be sure to stop by. Visit their WebSite at:


Nadine Kinney will be present on the range recording your launches. She'll also have photos available as well as her 2022 ROCKETS OF HIGH POWER Calendars.
Look for her on the range or visit her WebSite at:


Vern Knowles & Multitronix will be on hand to demonstrate the TelemetryPro Tracking System that features the synthesized voice of Kate. There are expected to be quite a few flights at BALLS that utilize this system. It is one of the most sophisticated tracking systems available today. Stop by and see the hardware first hand.

Gary Rosenfield  of Aerotech/ISP will be attending BALLS with RCS and a full line of nozzles, casting tubes, liners, casings, propellant chemicals, publications and misc. rocket motor parts. Visit their website.  Orders can be delivered at the range.

Mike Gentile of BAY AREA ROCKETRY will be on hand with a large supply of all the stuff you need to be Rocket Happy. Kits, Motors, Electonics and more all in stock. BALLS is drawing near but there is still time to get your orders in for delivery at Black Rock.

CHUCK PIPER of the ROCKET RANCH will be on hand with surplus chemicals, tubing, gizmos & gadgets all relating to Research Rocketry. Look for him on site or E-Mail him in advance at:


JOHN DERMIGGIO of MARSA SYTEMS will be on hand demonstrate and lend support to those persons using any of the Marsa System products.  Sorry no sales on the Playa.

BOB DeHATE & GLORIA will be on hand once again with Animal Motor Works.  Orders for delivery at BALLS are being taken now

Buddy Michaelson with the ROCKETMAN PARACHUTES will be present with a large selection of Standard and Specialty Chutes   Early orders will be delivered at BALLS.  Contact Buddy now.

Jim Wilkerson of TAHOMA PHOTOGRAPHY will be on site photographing as much of the event as possible..  Be sure to see him before and after your project flights or contact him in advance.